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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Why does prenatal yoga, more than any other form of exercise address the needs of pregnant mothers so well?

Simply because yoga is all about flexibility – it addresses your changing life as well as your changing body! A flexible body leads to a flexible mind therefore encouraging new mothers to be open and flexible to their changing body and their growing baby’s needs. Yoga stretches and strengthens you gently so as not to place too much physical strain on the changing pregnant body. A prenatal yoga class differs from a general yoga class in that the postures are designed to strengthen areas of the pregnant woman's body like the legs, lower back, pelvic floor and transverse abdominus to support the growing uterus. Prenatal yoga postures tone and stretch the muscles of the physical body while the breathing and relaxation calms and sooths the mind. Strengthening and toning the appropriate muscles during pregnancy with gentle lunges and hip openers can help minimise the minor discomforts of pregnancy like back ache, headaches, insomnia, leg cramps and restless legs. The mind body connection during a prenatal yoga class promotes a deep connection between you and your baby. The multidimensional approach of yoga in promoting both physical and emotional health can support your body to adapt smoothly to all the changes in pregnancy. It is not surprising that research confirms that women who practice yoga in pregnancy are more likely to have a heathy baby.

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