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Here are some testimonials from previous women and families who have attended prenatal yoga classes and childbirth education classes with Valerie in the past when she had her business 'Birth and Yoga' in Sydney.

Yoga at Home

Yoga for Pregnancy Birth and Beyond

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life. Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth is a wonderful way to connect to your mind and body, and to help prepare you for the birth of your baby.

Denise  A.

I am so fortunate to have met you and allowed you to be a part of the most special moment in my families life. The birth of our first child 'Alessandra'. I miss the Thursday yoga classes, perhaps I can stuff a pillow in my top and join in ....

Tracy K.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your guidance and support during your yoga classes. I truly believe your caring, positive and highly knowledgeable demeaner, along with your prenatal yoga teachings, led the way to a quick and wonderful labour and enjoyable pregnancy.

Rhiana R.

Thank you so much for everything! I loved the yoga classes and formed some amazing friendships and support networks! I loved coming every week -  your sense of humour, experience and encouragement helped me to have such a calm birthing experience..

Yuri W.

Thank you Valerie....Baby Ashton and I enjoyed your yoga very much and I look forward to joining in again in the future .

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